Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hi! My Name is Murphy!

I'm supposed to be in Georgetown right now, enjoying a multi-media presentation by world renown knitting designer, Fiona Ellis. No, I'm not typing this from a laptop with wireless connection.
At the least, I should be in downtown O'ville, getting my picture in the paper for an article on the LYS.
Nope. We've had a snowstorm....and almost 2 inches of snow. Snow, itself, is not the issue. The issue is the temperature drop over the evening, and the difference between down there and up here. Just like the night I rolled my car. So I am at home.

This week has been one Murphy law after another. Like today. I sent the in-laws to the school for Grandparent's Tea hosted by the JK/SK class. I sent them in my truck so they could bring home the kids. I thought "I'll get a head start on dinner". I was going to make corn chowder, nice and homey for a snowy day, and I actually had bacon. What I didn't have was onions. When there's only 5 ingredients in a recipe, you kinda need them all. We won't even delve into the rest of the day.

The only 'good' thing: I figured out why the Burgundy wrap was too long. I had gauge (or close enough), I had even eliminated an inch and a half to account for height. But the body was too long and the sleeves were right (let's not try to figure out why the body is too wide. One thing at a time). I was trying to pick up sts for the front band, and even though I had fewer rows, there was NO way I could stretch out the number of sts to pick up that I'm told for that size (I also don't understand why you pick up the lower part, do it, then pick up for around the slope and the neck).
So what happened?
Remember, I made this on the KnitSmart. Well, let's just say, it's not called "SmartKnitter". It says to knit until piece measures X inches. For the machine, you have to know how many rows that is. I figured that out. But I didn't clue in that it was "Work lace pattern 6 times, continue in st. stitch until piece measures X".....and I did X number of rows after the lace part.
DOH! I have the 4 raglan seams all done. And one of them I did three times. I don't have to rip out the sleeves, but I have to rip out the back and two front pieces all the way down almost to the lace portion! I've already knit the back twice! At least I don't have to redo the lace. Argh! I don't even like it all that much! I don't like how the ribbing on the bottom flips up. I don't like how it's sort of bunchy at the lace part and smooth above it. I think there should have been more sts increased above the lace. And it's also not that colour. It's a deep wine. You can see the flipping rib in the photo. F$#**ing rib.

Shall I go into details on the pumpkin hat saga? At least I tried out tuck stitch on the LK150. Let's leave it at that.
I wonder what will be wrong with the round lace blanket in Baby Soft DK--that giant skein I bought in Listowel (I added a picture afterwards to that post. And other posts have new pictures too. Go take a look. I'll still be here. It's too late to go to G'town). I know it's looking more puckery than the first one did. If I take the time to graft the last row then wash it....Murphy says the pucker won't smooth out.

I wonder what it costs to change your last name?

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z said...

aw. i'm sorry Murphy is pestering you a LOT lately :( (((hugs)))