Saturday, October 07, 2006

Some knitting content

Yes, I do still knit. Some. Stitch by stitch, row by row... I finally got around to knitting a Baby Surprise Jacket, by Elizabeth Zimmerman. Before I finished the first, I started the second, and before I finished the second, I started a third...but modified it to be a pullover. The intention was that it would be for my niece Nya's first 4th of July, having been born at the end of May. didn't get finished in time. In fact, none of the 3 BSJ are actually finished! But I started another one! And then ripped it out and started a Baby Einstein instead.  I do love this striped version, but it is tiny.  Maybe even too small for newborn size.

Einstein Jackets. Love, and hate it. I made one. I wanted it shorter than the picture, more like a jacket. Didn't realize until I started the top part that I was basically a square instead of a rectangle. And I made it in a cream yarn. I look like a slightly toasted marshmallow in it. What I wanted to look like was this: Doesn't she look lean, and tall, and graceful? Although I am usually not guilty of knitting a pattern in the exact called for yarn, in the shade pictured, I am guilty of knitting osmosis. Somehow, I assume that if I knit it, I will look like the model. I KNOW this is stupid. I can easily look at a photo of a pattern and say "See how she has her arms above her head? The sleeves are too long. The scarf is obscuring the neckline. It looks like it's been pinned behind her back...." But show me an Alice Starmore pattern, and I assume if I knit it I will be teleported to the hills of Scotland, grow 6 inches (in height, thereby stretching out my weight), and have flowing red hair.
I also read self-help books and think it's going to work just by osmosis. "The Weight Solution"? I should be a toothpick by now. "The Courage to be Rich"? You'd think I could buy out the yarn store. "Raising Your Spirited Child"? Aren't my kids the picture of discipline perfection?

On Thursday night I got to go to my local knitting night. Yeah!! Sure, I got there late, and when I got home, Megan was covered in Oreo drool and eating ice cream with Daddy....but I got to talk to other adult knitters! I took a copy of "Hot Knits" and "Knitted Toys" that I got from the library. "Hot Knits" was very popular, with the last 3 copies at being ordered that night, LOL. Everyone really liked this one: Pardon the Cutco knife, I don't have a scanner, and these knives are so perfectly balanced, they're great for holding books open, LOL. The back of the cable sweater has the same cables. The cables move across the sweater on an angle by inc. on one edge of it, and dec. on the other edge. I wonder if I could do this one on the machine?

The rib dress is gorgeous, but will I become tall, slender, brunette and stunning if I knit it?
I might make it as a top only :)

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z said...

Somehow, I assume that if I knit it, I will look like the model.

ROFL!!! i am SO guilty of that too!! i think it's why i've been knitting so many darn socks... feet are feet and i don't somehow expect my feet to look any more thinner or sexy or beautiful in a new pair of socks. but that new pullover... meh. i'm always slightly disappointed when i put it on and i'm still chunky and "belly-licious" and... well... not like the model!