Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Time Out Tuesday

I realized this morning that today is Tuesday and I have nothing prepared for Timeless Tuesday. I'm not sure what came next in my knitting history. There's Rob's hat, the Kaffe Fasset vest, Rob's sweater...I'm sure I must have made more than that during the two years we were dating! I'll try to do something tomorrow. I'm feeling crappy today, thanks in part to sleepless nights with Megan. When I don't get enough sleep my arthritis flares up, and my neck is taking a beating today. Hopefully once she weans she'll sleep more, and I can take something better than ibuprofen. Which is not working today :(

Some photos to share instead. Those are the pumpkin hats I've been making to use up a ball of Red Heart. had to buy a ball of green for the stems, LOL (but bought from my LYS!). Despite 'following' a pattern, they seem to be a little long. There was no gauge given in the pattern. In the close up you can see the one I did with random stripes of two different oranges. I like that one. In the top photo you can see the tuck st. hat, which still needs a leaf. I'm going to give these to the maternity ward/breastfeeding clinic...next year, LOL. They were all made on the knitting machines (KP 30 on the KnitSmart, I dont' know, for the LK150...maybe T6).
This is called a "FrankenKozy" style MT. It's not the one I was using on Saturday downtown. This was the first one I made. I took apart a stretch twill pouch I had made and used that for the body. The straps are made from the long skinny piece left over from making the gauze wrap. The body is a little short if Megan falls asleep, and it's' more comfortable if I wear it on my front, but I still like it! I even tried it with Lucy on my back. She's heavy! I've tried several times now to load that photo with Lucy, but it won't come up. Edit to add: Those jeans are actually regular size low rise jeans. How sad is it that I'm so short-waisted that low rise jeans still come up to my waist? I swear I don't buy Mom jeans! And my boobs don't normally look like that either--I was trying a new way to tie the straps. Now I know, I won't leave the house like that!
And here's some shots of Megan helping Daddy install a pot drawer. I've been asking for 7 years for a pot drawer. He was going to make one...but this one came on sale at Canadian Tire. It's a little smaller than what I wanted, but at least it's in! Megan was the star of the show at story time when she shuffled across the circle. Instead of walking forward, she shuffles sideways. And she has finally found her voice. She chatters quite a bit now, although still not quite at the level she should. And she is laughing now too! Before, she'd laugh only if you tickled her, or sometimes if Huey put on a really good show right in front of her. Now she's laughing at lots of things! We call her Pteradactyl Girl because she squawks and squeals. She's pretty cranky right now. Wrapped up in our crazy pink 'Moby' wrap, she is fighting falling asleep.
Time to get the kids ready for dinner, then trick or treating!


CatBookMom said...

Great pumpkins, Charlie Brown! Nice hats, scary pumpkins, and yay for the pot organizer. Cute Megan!!

Your comment about Megan stirs a funny memory. My first husband's older brother, wife and kidlet Willy lived in the same town where 1st DH and I were in college. In-laws had a long narrow coffee table, and Willy learned to walk holding onto the table, around and around, always counter-clockwise. So when he finally ventured cross-country, he walked sideways, always leading with the right foot. To turn, he shuffled in a circle to have the right foot leading. Cracked us up! Took him a couple of weeks to 'get' forward motion facing forward, lol!

smariek said...

Cute pumpkin hats.

Gosh, I'd love a pot drawer, can you send him over to my place to install one? lol.

Lucky Canuck said...

Growing up in our home, I do remember there was a pot drawer in my brother's bedroom.

Sandra said...

Lucky beat me to it! THere were any number of "pot drawers" in our university residences!