Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Timeless Tuesday

I've been waiting so long to post about this umm...sweater. The earliest I could have bought the pattern was April 95, but I think it was actually May or June. It's from a Rowan magazine, my first 'real' pattern. Unfortunately the attitude of the ladies in the yarn shop did not amuse me and I chose to go elsewhere for the yarn.
(Too bad for them, I lived only a couple blocks from the store. They could have had a great costumer...until they moved out of the town and I didn't drive, LOL).
The yarn called for was Rowan California Cotton, gauge: 22st and 32 rows to 4 inches. Which I got. Using Bernat Handicrafter---a worsted weight yarn used often for dishclothes. Because, you know, getting gauge is SO important! I had no idea, in those pre-internet days, that I need to match the gauge of the original yarn. If only I had chosen a DK cotton, this might have gotten finished. I gave away all the unused cotton once I knew better. So, it will forever stay a one sided sweater. Sleeveless, because somehow the armholes are only about 5" deep! I have no idea how that happened.
I haven't done much textured work since. I didn't mind it, but I got so confused with the symbols, although they are actually easy enough: a black dot to purl on the right side, or knit on the purl side....but I couldn't keep track of which row I was on on the chart....I knew the difference between a knit st and a purl stitch, but in seed stitch I was clueless...
What did I learn from this project? Years later I learned that it is okay to not finish something. To not enjoy a project is no indication of one's enjoyment of the entire craft. That I still wanted to keep on knitting, even though at times it seemed really hard. That working with cotton meant very sore hands. Of course, if I had been using DK cotton, and appropriate needles.....I might have a finished sweater, LOL.


Lucky Canuck said...

That stringy, unstretchy aspect of cotton is what keeps me from using it. Great blanket regardless!

And I'm SO bad...still haven't weighed your wool. My coworkers will not leave me be! Don't worry, it'll happen...I'm a slacker.

CatBookMom said...

Whatever you decide to use the single piece for, it is a memory from your early knitting days, and not anything to be bashful about. Perhaps you could turn the piece into the top of a nice pillow, to put at your back in your knitting chair?

Thanks for sharing that bit of herstory.