Friday, December 01, 2006

Knit bits and Tidbits

Where do the patterns go?
How is it, that when I have a worsted weight yarn, and am searching for a pattern, everything I come across is for DK? And now that Elann has some pretty DK yarn in their sneak peeks, all the recent patterns I want to do are worsted, aran, or bulky? And why are bulky yarns so expensive? I want to make the Brioche Bodice from Interweave Knits, Summer 2006. Calls for a 16st/4" yarn. Don't want wool (easy to find, but this is a tank top). I searched Elann, but except one, most of the yarns ran at about $40 to make a TANK TOP! And these are discounted prices?! That one yarn is okay, although perhaps a little too textured and too even coloured. I also want to make the cover pattern from that issue, and the maternity top (but NOT as a maternity top!), but neither take DK. And in the current issue, there's a couple I'd like to do, but again, not written for DK.
I did find this one. That's Ivy from the last Knitty issue. It's very similar to the Whine Wrap Cardigan I was working on (that one takes 22st/4", this one is 24st/4" like the Uncle Joe yarn. That name worries me though. I really don't want to wear Uncle Joe).
I suggest you click on the link if you want a picture of the detailing.
I haven't looked in the back issues of Knitty, or MagKnits, so shout if you recall something for 24st/4".

On another knitting related note....
Eight little Santa hats made their way to the hospital yesterday. The first installment of "Hats for Headwaters" (Headwaters is the name of our hospital). I realized that not everyone 'believes' in Santa, so I did two blue hats and one white hat in the Christmas 'sparkle' yarn. I got over my pompom fear by buying the pompoms. They were 79cents for 8, and 40% off that. The sparkle hats got special sparkle Christmas pompoms. I do plan to make more. I have red sparkle yarn as well as the blue and white. Approximately one and a half babies are born every day there, so I plan to do 40 that are definitely Christmas/Hanukkah style, and some more in the white, which could be New Years baby hats too. So, only 29 more to go :)

Last night we had SnB at my place. It was great to have other adults here :) Although you ladies didn't eat your share of the chocolate! I also didn't get the felting book out to show, although Megan did a great job of showing off the green felted purse :)

Well, off to knit a row. There's not much time before Christmas, and I have to allow blocking time for the baby blanket! The rows are HUGE now.

Later alligators..

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