Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Flash Your Stash

I love that title. Hee Hee.
So here it is:

Now that my stash is all contained in one spot, I can finally do this. And it's even contained in bins now. Not sure that I like having it hidden, but oh well. It really doesn't look like all that much now that it's all in one spot :)

Top shelf--none of that is knitting stuff. I can't reach it, so I didn't want anything I might need in a hurry up there!.

Next shelf--starting at left--two stacked boxes: top one is needles, labels, winning ribbons from the Fair, etc. Bottom one is odd balls of cotton. Next, a bag of felt pieces on top of a box with the remnants of the Kaffe Fassett "Icon" sweater. White basket holds "Projects on Hold". These aren't really 'unfinished'--they're more likely to be frogged. Or, little things like buttons are still needed. Next--three little boxes of craft things--glues, markers, batteries, I think. Then, a big bin. That's my box of craft sale things, or projects finished by still waiting to find owners. I like to knit--I don't always care if there's a recipient waiting :)

Under all that stuff are 4 jumbo sliding drawers (I want more, but can't find the jumbo size anywhere!). From the left--worsted weight, sock yarn, DK/fingering, and bulky. If I have three or less balls of a yarn, it goes in the drawer. If it's a yarn I'm "collecting" odd balls of (such as Decor, Country Style DK, Classic Merino...) then it goes in the correct bag down below. If I have more than three balls of a matching yarn, it'll get it's own bag and go below.

On the floor--The big bin on the left, with all the bags--that started my collection! Holds project sized amounts of like yarns. For example--6 balls of bright pink Lopi in one bag; 10 balls of a Pinquoin baby yarn in another. The two bags at the very front have almost been used up since the picture was taken!!

The four Rubbermaid bins--coned yarns, more bags of yarn (many from the summer Listowel sale), my "Timeless Tuesday" projects. Rob packed these up when we moved, so they're not really organized. My 'project in waiting' bags of yarn were spilling out of the big bin on the left, so now they're in those bins too. The white box on top is full of 100% fingering/sock weight alpaca that my SIL brought back from Peru. I'm thinking some gloves, a shawl or too...all in black, charcoal, grey, and white. NExt to the bins is a jumbo 'skein' of Bernat Baby Soft from the Spinrite sale in the summer.

Missing in Action--an afghan storage bag full of Patons Decor odd balls. Next to the drawers is my magazines, and old (like, from the 1930s-1960s) pattern books. Pretty books go upstairs on my bookshelf. I'd like all my patterns upstairs, but I had to draw the line, LOL. I also have a couple baskets upstairs of my current projects, and almost current projects!

It really doesn't look like all that much now :) How much smaller will it be by the time of the next Spinrite tent sale?

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Virginia Ash said...

Wow Tracy, it is so good to see that someone else in Canada has just as much as me if not more.

I keep giving away yarn to charities (I have no time to knit) or to volunteer knitters, or to a senior who is in care and can use the yarn. Yet no matter how much I give, I still find my stash the same size as before, yet I haven't bought any more yarn!

My dad lives with DH and me, and both of them are making sure I do not buy any more yarn until they actually see me knitting something. The same goes for knitting machines - no more buying unless they see me knitting on one!

Imagine how much roving, clean fleece, and raw fleece I have on hand, plus fabric. I am not to bring any more fabric into the house until I actually sew something.

My problem seems to be my inability to multi-task. LOL

My basement is full now. Best wishes for successful projects completed.