Saturday, January 27, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

I have a deja vu feeling about writing this. I think I wrote something like it on knitting forum one year. My Knit From Your Stash plan is sort of like all my diet plans. Incorporate enough exceptions that the 'diet' part is negated. I'm 'allowed' yarn to finish projects, yarn to add to specific yarn collections, yarn to knit at the LYS on knit nights, and sock yarn. I think I've used all those exceptions already! Thanks Z for the sock yarn--great prices and great service :) (oh, I forgot to ask where you bought the Step!) But I am also working on the stash, bit by bit. And speaking of Z, check out how her cat feels about hosting Knit Night, LOL!

Forgot to mention! The Headwaters New Years' baby...I think was wearing one of my hats on the front cover of the newspaper :) I couldn't quite tell, but it certainly looked like it! It was a white one.

And Sharon, I think you need to start your own blog! I'd love to see the antics you were talking about Thursday night! Almost makes me want to go out a steam engine? Mmmm...almost, but not quite, LOL.

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z said...

sock yarn is always an exception *wink*. i got the Step from Tobi's store.

i think Sharon should start a blog too!