Sunday, December 17, 2006


We've 'solved' the climbing on the table problem:

And knitting. Hmm...Still slaving away at the baby blanket. Near the end of a pair of ribbed tipless gloves for me. When the weather went frigid, I stopped working on them, but now that it's been nicer out, I'd like them done! I did a rectangle hat on the LK150 using two colour tuck stitch and the yarn I bought at the LYS recently. But I need to make the tassles still. The hat weighs 99grams, and I thought the balls were 50g...but I hardly made a dent in them. I wonder if I can get a pair of mitts too?
I did finally get the Santa hats to the hospital. On Thursday afternoon. They'd been ready since Sunday.

This time there were only 2 Santa hats out of the 8. So, that's 19 hats donated (although I don't know how many will get used by newborns as some of them seemed a little big). I hope to take more up on Thursday, but I haven't even started them. LOL. The single coloured sparkly ones are a lot quicker, but the Santa ones are so cute!
Time to go relax.

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smariek said...

Great solution to table climbing. :-)

Ours likes to climb onto the sofa, then stand on the sofa, leaning towards the back to reach for the blinds. Always afraid she'll lose her balance and fall forwards landing on the coffee table. It's a stretch, but I sometimes wonder whether it is possible for her to fall hard enough towards/over the back of the sofa to hit/break/fall through the window behind the sofa ....