Monday, January 15, 2007

Socks that Walk

No, not the craziness surrounding the "Socks That Rock" sock club and the supposive scam. I made Huey a pair of socks on the machine. I took them to guild on Thursday night, and grafted the toe of one and started the side seam. I use a technique called the "Bickford Seam" but I didnt' take my instructions, so I was working from memory (which you all know is pretty much non-existant). I don't know if it was cause the section of seaming yarn was orange and the part I was seaming was green, but it was showing. So when I came home, I brought it to the computer so I could post a question to the LK150 group. I was SURE it was on the coffee table. Last night I seamed up the other one. I still couldn't find my notes, but I was watching TV and didnt' want to get up to use the computer, LOL. Once I was done, I came in here to find the other sock. No where. It has walked away. But Huey tried on the sock this morning, and the heel is too big. I'm not sure exactly how to fix it, but I'll try. I'll just start a new pair with the ball left over. But now I can't find the little piece of paper I wrote all his info on!

I have Post Project Depression. I've been working on smallish things since the lace baby shawl, but so much of my life is fragmented right now that I feel I need another big project to be one area of solidness in my life. I have some projects that need to get finished up (buttons, seaming, that sort of thing) and some that need life management classes. I don't want to start any sweater type projects, as I have those plans for breast reduction later this spring. I have the wool to make the Flower Basket Shawl (or another), so I can take something fairly brainless to the LYS knit nights (it has to be in their yarn). I was trying a top on the machine in the fall I might give another go. But nothing is really speaking to me.

Then I got my prize from Curlerchik's contest! It's KnitPicks Shadow, Laceweight, 100% Merino, in Jewels colourway. It's not this purple in real life. Very similiar to the blue socks that I fixed up this fall. It's a dark demin blue with hints of purple and teal. There's over 1200 yds there! I instantly thought 'shawl'. I haven't made a shawl for myself, and one that would look nice with jeans would be great. But then I was thinking, maybe I'd like something I could wear more often. With a shawl look, but more like a cardigan. Lace, structure, sleeves...but WHAT? There were some lace patterns on; top down raglan with aran weight cotton I think. I printed it out, but it's gone from the free patterns. I can't find anything that uses laceweight yarn though! I'm going to look through my vintage collection some night--many of those patterns use sock yarns.

There is one pattern I'm thinking of making. It's in the Vogue Vintage Knits books. A grey cardigan with Fair Isle across the upper chest and sleeve bottoms. I have a pile of Country Style DK that I've been collecting from thrift shops and yard sales, and the pattern calls for a Patons DK, so it should work. I'm not keen on the very deep ribbed waistband, but I don't know that it would even be for me, LOL.

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