Thursday, January 25, 2007


I'm not the swearing sort, but trying on my sock caused me to get about as close as I can.

Up at the top left is my calf, and what is that bit at the bottom of my heel? A little flipper! My opinion is that I short rowed too many sts out of work--I ended up with around 10 sts unworked. I thought it might be a problem, but the formula I was using said work short rows over half the sock until 1/3 of that half are unworked. But it wasn't even on both sides so I might have added another row...or two. If I were to work till only ....say....13 sts are unworked, that should fix it. But then I have to compensate and have more rows on the foot.

I have designed/knit numerous socks, top down with heel flaps. But heel flaps are not practical on the knitting machine. Nice heel vs sock in one night.... How do you figure out just how much to knit? Of course, if you're HK for yourself, you can try it on. But not on the machine. Here's what I did:

Row gauge needs to be known. Take half the sts, and figure out 1/3 of that. So, say I have 60 sts. Half the sock is 30st, 1/3 of that would mean 10sts left after shortrows, and 20 sts to get rid off--->means 20 short rows. Take foot length, figure out how many rows. Half the heel is on the foot, so that's 10 short rows on the bottom of the foot. Half the toe is on the bottom of the foot, so if you short row the toe down to 10 sts as well, that means 10 rows there too. Take number of rows for bottom of foot, and subtract 10+10. Whew. It appears to have worked on Huey's sock, and it would have worked on mine if I hadn't gotten carried away with the heel short rows.

Can anyone validate me on this? I have found specific patterns on machine knitted socks--but never my size or my gauge or my machine. I have found a great tutorial but it didn't go into measuring details. If you're handknitting a toe up sock, how do you know when to stop and do the heel unless you do the math? Is there something generic if you're using 7 1/2 st/inch sock yarn (I got 7.3 st/inch on the machine)? When you do top down heel flaps, you usually make the flap about 2 1/2" long. The rest just falls into place by some miraculous knitting action, LOL.

Well, blogger won't let me post another photo. Ice scraper mitt #2 is done, and it is HOT! You don't need to scrap the ice, it'll melt right off. Guess that's all for today. Ever noticed how close Blogger is to 'booger'?


Anonymous said...

Hi Tracey

Is that sock yarn from the store? If so watch out it shrinks and continues to shrink. I must say that I love the colours in it. See you tonight ?


Sandra said...

Here's how I get around the "Blogger won't let me post a picture" problem.
Open another post, past ethe picture there, copy and paste it into your original post. Works for me. I can get losts of pics in my posts this way. Of course, now that I've said it out loud, it probably won't work anymore.