Saturday, April 14, 2007

Am I Lost?

I think it's fabulous how one blog leads you to another....and another....and you find little gems....and then you realize that actually they're not so little, LOL.

There are circles of bloggers, interlinking like the Olympic rings. A few of the readers here are from knitting forum. I read their blogs too. Then, there are the readers from the Yahoo groups I'm in. And then there are others....who find me somehow, somewhere. One came here from the Yahoo Apraxia (a speech disorder) group. I'm not in that group! She read the post about B12 deficiency from last fall. Did she find it by Google? Or is someone in the Apraxia group and a group that I'm in? Someone recently read my babywearing post....and I don't recognize her from anywhere.
And now there's Emma and Jayne. I recognize Jayne's picture from comments on another blog---which one? She says she found me through Emma's blog. I left a comment on Emma's blog after she commented here about my new shawl. But how did Emma find me? Everyone's finding me and I didn't know I was lost, LOL. I used to love pen pals, chain letters, letters in a bottle...all that stuff. I'm a bit of a geography freak too :)

Bumper sticker "I found Jesus....he was hiding behind the couch!" LOL.


CatBookMom said...

Jayne may have gotten here by way of me. She's a talented knitter and newly-successful hand dyer of yarn whom I met at the Elann Chat Center. She's another Canadian. Check out her blog: and the link to her lovely hand-dyed yarns.

jayne said...

Now, would you look at that! I get here to see if you had a laugh at the Star Trekkin' (which it looks like you did), and not only do I find you have mentioned me in your blog (blush), but a good friend of mine is here too. Now you've really been found. Catbookmom finds everyone! Her blog is fun too, but you probably already know that (probably where you've seen my face).

I came by way of Emma, who sometimes comments on my blog. I saw your comment and couldn't resist tracking you back here.

I like your image of the inter-connecting links. kids think I'm nuts too. I have a version of the Star Trekkin' song I sing with "Star Buckin'"

z said...

i love when i have time to sit and click through blogs like that :D