Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Who you callin' straight? LOL. Yeah, me! Yes, when I first looked at the picture, I saw boy parts, LOL. Then I looked again....saw a different perspective. Can you tell where my interests are? ;)

Haven't had time to search for the camera (should I really need to 'search' for the camera? Why don't they have locator beepers on them?), or look for another picture to post. Oh, I do have quite a few family pictures I haven't shared.

Anyone know what this is? It grows on long, thin stalks, has a papery covering over little bulbs like garlic, but not clustered together like garlic, and more round. Then, little tiny pink flowers appeared in late summer. We'll be getting rid of it, but I'm just curious. That picture was not long after we got the digital camera. Hadn't learned how to make the resolution lower. Look at the fabulous details! Must remember to up the resolution next time I take knitting pictures. But isn't it all lost when I shrink them down from a gizzlion MB to something under 100 so I can post it, and not use up all my antique computer's memory? I also really like the perfect depth of focus.

My breast reduction surgery got postponed. I'm a little ticked, because next week would have worked out SO much better in a lot of ways. I've always believed that things work out the way they do for a reason. But I'm totally not getting any 'reason' with this. The initial delay for the appointment, rescheduling the appointment, rescheduling the surgery...what could the reason be? It's delaying something else I want done. Someone enlighten me cause I need some better vibes. I don't have 'bad vibes' about the surgery, just about arranging help, Huey's birthday being a few days later, etc. It comes at a bad time. Maybe, somehow, I'll get called in a week early and won't have time to get worked up? I don't know. Got to go before Rob gets downstairs and complains about something/anything again :)

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