Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Don't Like Change!

I was at www.elann.com this morning, seeing what was new. There's a pattern book for Canadiana. Being fond of Patons Decor, and KNOWING it has the same gauge as Canadiana, I took a look. Well, knock me over with a knitting needle. Right there in the book description, it says for Aran weight Canadiana, with a gauge of 18st/24 rows....Okay, I think, that's got to be a typo. Maybe the patterns are written that way, but Canadiana does NOT have an Aran gauge. So I go to Patons' website and look it up. And wouldn't you know it. No fan fare, no email notification, nothing. Canadiana has gone and grown up and is now Aran weight. Perhaps this is a payback for having neglected the about.com knitting forum for so long, in favour of machine knitting groups. So, any new patterns for Canadiana are not directly transferable to Decor or Classic Merino. While I was at the website, I remembered that a long time ago someone owning a yarn store told me that Astra was going to be changing. And indeed, it has too. Now it's 22st on 4mm, before, it was 24 st on 3.75mm. Don't know if that's just a label change, or if it's a yarn change. And I just bought some. I'll have to check.
So, if you are buying any of these yarns be sure to check the stock and get them all the same! What a headache for stores, to have new stock with a different gauge but the same name as existing stock!


CatBookMom said...

Doesn't that just suck?! It's bad enough when you find a particular yarn and discover that the yardage per skein has decreased (it never increases, have you noticed?). But now to change the gauge? Bah, humbug!!

I still haven't figured out what the dummkopfs at Paton's were thinking when they discontinued Look At Me! kids' yarn.

TracyKM said...

I'm posting a comment on my own blog because it's the only way (posting a comment to a blogger blog) that I can get logged in!

I remember CBM, when Look at Me was discontinued and you went on a shopping spree :) I believe it was that yarn that prompted the discussion with the LYS owner. She said it had been cut because they were going to improve Astra. But why would they take two yarns that have been around since the start of time, and change the gauges? I have lots of OLD baby pattern books for Astra!