Friday, April 13, 2007

Star Trekking....

"Star Trekking....across the universe...."
And I can't remember anymore of it than that. I don't think it was Weird Al. Someone help me?

Last night I made the journey down south to the Georgetown guild. Very glad I did. Found out that the G'town LYS is carrying Trekking sock yarn :) She brought one ball that I just fell in love with, #126. I found a picture:

The one on the right. I didn't think it would be so pink. And I'd like it better without the white parts, LOL, but I still do like it. Trekking also has a bamboo sock yarn now. Diane is also doing a dyeing class, and you get a nice little kit. A little pricey for me....I've done Kool Aid, Easter egg dyes, and cake dyes :)

The other part of the night was a guest speaker, Carol Tomany of Infiknits. She distributes knitting patterns. Now, I do design a lot of what I knit, but it's not usually things that others would be interested in. With the exception perhaps, of the baby blanket I did last fall. I wonder if the center panel is copyrighted? She says lace patterns are big, and felting, and sock patterns. I have bought a FiberTrends sock pattern, but there are so many on the Internet, and it's so easy to just pick a stitch from a dictionary....unless you have something totally different I wouldn't think it'd sell (but some of her best sellers are a very simple series--sweaters that are so plain, all you have to do is figure your gauge and math, why would anyone buy the pattern....but I realize that some people need to have it done for them, LOL). What was interesting was that she said some of the designers do make a living at this. However, at the end of the talk, she broke down the pricing, and the designer only gets about $1 per pattern!!! (Not per design, but per pattern that sells). Yikes.

Finished my Surgery Shawl. It's the Flower Basket Shawl, was in Interweave Knits a few years back, but you can also buy it separately (maybe FiberTrends?).

Yes, our carpet looks that bad. Sure, I could have vacuumed first, but that big splotch would still be there. We tried the Bissell carpet cleaner, but the carpet is so matted that the beater bar wouldn't make contact and lift the cleaner off the carpet. I suggested we use the Bissell to get the cleaner on the carpet and do what it can, and suck it all up with the Shop Vac. Then crank the heat and leave the house for the day, LOL. I did measure it before I threw it in the sink....but didn't write it down. I think it's 53" across.Here's a close up of the 'Flower Baskets'. LOL. Even harder to see than Grumperina's dolphins (which I don't really get either, even after being outlined. What's the dot?).

And here's a photo for Grade 10 Photography 101---"Depth of Field". LOL. I think the back side of the shawl is pretty cool. However, it does make it quite bunchy, and even though it's 53" stretched somewhat, once I wrap it around me, it's like a little scarf. I'm going to go downstairs and block it, right now!


steel breeze said...

"...only going forward, 'cause we can't find reverse". It was by M.A.R.R.S. and I seem to remember the video was a spoof on classic star trek but they were all animated potatoes, Kirk, Uhuru, etc!!! :)

Woo, am I first?! That never happens to me! ;)

steel breeze said...

Oops! It was the Firm, not MARRS. I stand corrected!

Emma said...

The shawl is beautiful. And, sadly, the carpet reminds me of my own. The price I pay for having four animals in the house!