Friday, July 06, 2007

And Crochet Too!

I am not a good crocheter. Although it turns out even and even nice looking, I have a hard time with directions, and a harder time with gauge. But I do like crocheting summer hats with mercerized cotton!
First I made this one:

Which was supposed to be for Lucy. I worked alot on it on a sunny Sunday and got it done about 20 minutes past my bedtime. It fit Lucy, but fits Megan better. So I started another one for Lucy, and it took me over a week! I kept adding a couple rows, taking out a row, getting hooked up to IVs, etc. It ended up a little big on Lucy. Mostly, it's too tall; this picture really exaggerates it!

I used Cantata DK cotton in two different purples, and Butterfly Super 10 for the pink. There wasn't much left of either purple, but I did crochet up a flower for each one, to hold the brim up a little. Very cute. I'll get pictures of them on later. I managed to get the stitch gauge, but my row gauge was way off.

I'm working on a little crochet baby bonnet right now. I know my yarn is a little thicker than the pattern calls for, but I'm hoping that remedies my too tight crocheting, LOL. I find crochet patterns very inconsistent. The bonnet is done in a two row pattern, the second row is double crochet. At the start of the book, in the instructions for dc it says the ch3 turning chain counts as a stitch. In the bonnet pattern, they don't tell you otherwise, but the turning chain does NOT count as a stitch. I had to start it several times, but it's going good now. I have to ribbon shop, and then attach the ribbon. Argh. I hate doing that. Any advice?

On another topic....would anybody be interested in a yarn dyeing day? Maybe bring your kids, bathing suits, yarn.....I've done some dyeing before and really enjoyed it, but just can't seem to find the time now. I've used Kool-Aid, Easter egg dyes, cake decorating dyes, and food colouring. Everything BUT 'real' yarn dyes, LOL. I'm thinking of ordering the dye sample pack from Knitpicks and some sock yarn (I do have some lace yarn already). Maybe others would like to order too and we can combine an order to save on shipping? Let me know!

Oh, Z....I have a question about 'Krista' that I'm sure you can guess but I don't want to ask here so I'll email you :)

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Monika said...

I've just read threw a few of your posts. I hope you are doing better and everything is healing nicely. Doesn't sound like lots of fun being you right now. I wish you had spoken up sooner, I just gave away some of my sock darner. I don't collect them, kept only the real old ones. I light bulb is genious, but I can't understand how this would help with sewing the toes shut. Anyway, best to you!