Monday, July 30, 2007

Babywearing meets Knitting!

Remember this little number, knit a couple weeks ago? We were cleaning up on Saturday evening, in prep for a visit from Rob's parents and his aunt and uncle, visiting from England. We were in my room, and I threw on this wrap, mainly cause I didn't know where else to put it. Megan was playing around, and suddenly looked at me. She patted herself, and pulled me down to the floor. I sat on the floor trying to figure out what she wanted. She climbed on my lap and was trying to climb up me! Then I realized that she thought the wrap was a sling! We'd just started using a pouch again. She was rather upset when I showed her there was no way it could hold her! Back when she was a newborn, there was someone who knit pouches out of cotton....Tickle Turtle Pouches? I tried it on the knitting machine, using short rows to shape the curve. The knitted fabric needed no extra stretch room, making it tight to put on. It was hard to size it as it stretched quite a bit with her in it. A pouch made out of Patons Katrina would not be very good either, snazzy, but way too stretchy, LOL.


cheryl said...

Thats cute. Whats a smart little one. I talked to Mike and his email is working. (what do I know) It's He is a lazy butt and hasn't changed his phone # yet either. But whats new?! Are you going to the Ann. party on the 25th. I tried to help with it but Nancy wants all the credit. What a surprise there. lol...but I didn't say that.

Knitaholictoo said...

Very cute...I love your camisoles!

Laura McIntyre said...

How cute, you daughter sounds adorable and funny