Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Having A Ball

Things are going interestingly on the knitting end of my life. So lets dwell there for a change.

This is a knitted ball, a baby gift for Rob's co-worker. It's a Sirdar yarn I used to make a cardigan for Lucy before Megan was born. I tried to alter the pattern so instead of grafting the last row to the cast on, I did a sort of pick up one from cast off, three needle-bind off kind of thing. But I guess I did it from the wrong side as there aren't the garter stitch bumps for that row! Oh well. I put some macaroni in a pill container for the rattle. I used to use squeakers for pet toys, but little babes can't make them squeak, so what's the point? I love making these balls, and I was very surprised when they didn't sell at a craft show. Okay, I was very surprised that nothing sold.....

I'm still working on the crochet baby bonnet. It appears to be much larger than newborn. But I think there is an error in the pattern. Yeah, I would pick the one pattern in the book with an error. I need to look it up on the Internet, see if there is an errata list somewhere, but I seem to be stalling.

Here's a bit of non-knitting adventures. I'm doing some clothes shopping lately. I know in the US, sizes have gotten larger, but has it happened here too? I'm wearing size 10 pants. Years ago, when I first wore size 10, I was about 15lbs smaller, and much of that is in my belly. And, what's with all the padded bras in 36C? When I first hit that size years ago, I was bummed to be in a C cup. I know the smooth look is great for with t-shirts now (and years ago t-shirts were no where near so snug as now), but does smooth have to mean padded? But you want to know what is the coolest thing? I put on the bra, and I have the same shape as without it!!! I don't have to hike anything up, squish it in, re-arrange during the day. So cool. LOL. But here's another bummer. Last year or the year before? there were all these cool summer dresses I really wanted, but were usually halter necks and I couldn't wear them because of the weight around my neck. Now, I can't find anything that doesn't look like it came from the far back of my mother's closest (sorry, ma! I know you don't wear them, but just having them....). Where's the cotton? Why is everything looking like my toddler painted it? I just want a simple, cotton dress to wear on those days when I tired of shorts. I though Old Navy would be the ticket (especially since we have a gift card from Christmas!), but the one dress they had did not fit. Everything was either jersey (TOO clingy on the belly) or too maternity looking (Fine if you're 16 and NOT pregnant, but when you're 36 and LOOK pregnant even when not, these new 'baby doll' tops and dresses suck!).

This isn't knitting, but it's one of the bright spots from the last week. It's a pouch sling for Rob's co-worker. I hope it fits. I asked my online slingsewing group if anyone was tall and skinny, LOL. He wouldn't ask her to measure herself because I had already bought a Moby D for her. It's an embroidered stretch poplin, backed with a soft, dark pink, Ultrasuede. Not as cool as I was planning for summer, but she said she likes pink, and when I saw the Ultrasuede, I just KNEW that was it (especially since the price was great!). The pink shows through the white a little, but it softens the white (I just make a pouch that's white twill and a blue print, and the white is VERY white).

Here's a close up of the embroidery. Originally I had made a ring sling, and used an embroidered gauze for the tail, but I never really liked it. I had already Freecycled the leftover of this fabric (DARN!) or I would have just made it two layers of the same. I REALLY like this pouch. It looks good with either side as the outside, it has some stretch (The poplin is 3% lycra and the Ultrasuede is stretchy). Megan and I tried it on, LOL, but it's too small for us :( I hope she likes it and uses it too. I think baby wearing is one of the best things you can do with your newborn. Sure, you don't have other kids to chase, and perhaps you don't get a baby that needs to be held alot, but it still helps to ease the transition from womb to world, and babies should be held by people, not things. What do you want your baby to hold in 30 years? Things or people they love?

Anyway, that's most of the good stuff from lately. Tomorrow you can read all about the death of a baby blanket that never got fully born. Or maybe I'll continue writing about how my husband has misplaced priorities and an arrogant attitude? Mmmmm....choices.....

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