Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More Slow Knitting Results

According to a previous entry, I started these socks in early June (the post is June 14 2007).
This is another good example of how if I would just knit 'proper' patterns, with the 'proper' yarn, I might have more projects finished and wearable! And, considering that they've been done since March, another example of how it's not the actual knitting that's slow, it's the blog posting!

The yarn is Kroy Socks, and I wanted a 'fake Fair Isle' type of sock. However, I didn't want much on the foot, so did simple stripes (I really didn't want stranded knitting--a double layer--on my foot). Then I did the heels (these were toe up, if you didn't read the post about casting on with 'Magic Loop'). I realized that the verigated yarn had very short colour bursts, and it wasn't going to give me the look I wanted.

So, I worked on the second sock, and then stopped for awhile. Actually, I had stopped for awhile before starting the second sock too, LOL. I finally picked a motif from "1000 Great Knitting Motifs" by Juise Roberts. I made some alterations to the design. I found that I didn't want many sts together of the coloured yarn because each colour only did a stitch and a half (or two), and I felt that really made it look NOT like Fair Isle. Originally, I thought I would need longer runs of the coloured yarn so it would stand out, but that's not an issue. THe cuffs were alternating rows of the two yarns, I think, to stretch one of the yarns out as it was running short.

Yes, there is a difference in the feet. Creative license. The crazy thing is, when I set them down after being partway through the second foot, and picked them up again, I noticed that one sock had a 3mm circular needle, and the other had 5 dpn....but not all the same size! I couldn't remember what size they were supposed to be, so I never bothered to fix that, LOL (although I suppose I could have read my own blog). Really, there's not much difference between 2.75mm and 3mm. However, I do feel the section on the feet where it is a mini-checkerboard! And, they are not nearly as soft and lovely as the Step socks or the other socks I made recently.

But hey, they will wear forever, LOL. And, I bought the yarn and used it up in slightly over a year!


smariek said...

I once ran into some discrepancies in needle sizing, where all four needles were marked US2 (2.75 mm), but in actuality 2 of them were 2.75 mm and 2 of them were more like 3.0 mm (which is not quite 3.25 mm or US3). I could feel the difference in my hands, but I knit a mitt using these four needles and it seemed to have come out OK.

Cindy G said...

Love those! I think the short color stretch really makes the design glow.