Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Do The Wave

Remember the orange/brownish crocheted cardigan I finished this spring? At the start of June 2009, I wanted to crochet a white cardigan for an outside band performance. I found this pattern and everyone on Ravelry said it was so quick and easy. I couldn't seem to get gauge though and tried the pattern that the orange cardi is but couldn't handle it either.

A few days after getting my yarn cubbies put up and filled, I grabbed a yarn I have been stashing for a long time (one of my oldest stashings!). Years ago (maybe 7 years?) I bought this yarn in the black colourway. It's called Mexican Wave, for some odd reason, and is 100% acrylic and DK weight. I loved the sweater I originally made (although it's a little big on me and getting pilly and will get it's own post soon!), and planned to make another identical one in this colour (blue base shade) although I wasn't sure if I had enough yarn. Instead, I rather impulsively decided to make the Chevron Lace Cardi. I'm glad I did!Yes, there's a yarn end hanging. I always seem to miss one.I didn't notice any striping until the green striped popped up (it's made from neck down).
Of course, I couldn't make this without having some sort of issue. I started at the neck with a loose chain cause many people commented that you needed a loose chain to prevent rippling. Guess mine wasn't loose enough? Then I did the increase rows, and got set to do the armhole divisions. I looked at the numbers, and shifted them a bit so the front would have a few more sts, and the back a few less. But as I worked the row, it didn't work out!! I checked my math a few times, checked that I had divided as per my math. Then finally I counted my sts and found I was 20 sts short for the size I was making. I was NOT ripping what I had already done. I had been sure I did each increase row at the neck, so I didn't count the sts back then. I had basically the right number of sts for the size smaller and it seemed to be fitting so I went ahead anyway. It still pretty much worked out, although it's tight around my hips so I'm not bothering with buttons. I ended up with a little less than one ball left. Me showing off my new hair cut!


Cindy/KS said...

I just may have to keep that one in mind, I like the pattern.

Jennifer said...

So cute! I queued that patt in Ravelry, it's one of those tops that I would wear all the time, if only I could get around to making something for myself. (ps nice haircut!)