Saturday, December 07, 2013

Santa's Coming

One of Jennifer's clients was a 4 year old who was a little big for the Santa hat I made last year, but had an adorable photo anyway.  The grandmother thought it'd be great if she had one that would fit the girl for upcoming Breakfast with Santa photos.  She asked for dark red, so I picked up a ball of Impeccable "Claret".  I think it's a dark red, without being burgundy.  Don't know if you can see that Ravelry link.

Of course, I can't find the receipt, but it's usually about $4.99 ($5.64)on sale or with a coupon.  So I'll go with that, LOL.

I started knitting it by hand, but I took it to my daughter's skating lesson, and forgot that I wanted to do a waste yarn cast on so I can go back and knit the white cuff after.  Got started, basing gauge solely on the suggested gauge on the wrapper.  Got busy trying to finish 4 little fruit hats that were a custom order and taking too long.  Decided I should rip out the Santa hat and do it on the machine since it's needed by Friday!  The main part is almost done, I was just waiting to hear how long she wanted it.

Yarn In: 13 184gr + 128gr =13 312gr
Yarn Out: 520gr + 14 425gr =14 945gr

Balance:  1633gr more used up than brought in
Costs: $258.29+ $5.64= $263.93/342 days = $0.77/day

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