Tuesday, June 09, 2015


I have had a single ball of Plymouth Yarn's "DreamBaby" in this pretty pastels...for ever.  I made a newborn outfit for Megan in 2005 in this yarn, in white, and it's quite possible I bought this ball at the same time.  I know for certain it was before 2009.  Actually,  I wonder if I made that white dress for Lucy (2002)?
What to do with ONE 50gr ball of DK yarn?  It's very soft, no substance at all.  The pastel baby colours did not say adult hat or scarf.  One day recently, while perusing Pinterest and Ravelry, I just decided it would be a little romper dress.

It got off to a fine start.  I made it the length the pattern said, and then decided I didn't want booties, and I did NOT want any yarn left over.  Lately, it seems the trend is to diaper covers, so I thought I would give that a go.

I started with a crochet pattern...but the sizing seemed way off.  Tried again, using the sizing info that I use for my other covers, and decided to crochet hdc in the round.  Got almost to where to divide for the legs...and realized that after that, I'd be working flat.  And hdc looks different flat than it does in the round.  Rip!  Gave crocheting it flat another try, but it seemed to be eating the yarn very quickly.

Gave knitting it a try since it uses less yarn.  I think the first time I was off on sizing, so I started again.  Interesting how different the yarn looks when knitted.  I'm not sure which I prefer though. Got the legs divided and was going along...and I just knew I wasn't going to get it done with the yarn.  Rip!

I then ripped out the last round on the dress, which is a different scallop row from the rest of the body.  Used the yarn from the diaper cover, and did another two rounds on the dress.  Not enough for another round, but I was determined there was going to be NONE left over.

Decided on a headband.  I used a narrow piece of elastic I had, sewed it into a loop about 12" around, and crocheted over it.  Made a little flower with the  last yards.  Not enough for two layers, which I felt it needed, so I grabbed a lilac yarn for the second layer.  Now, I wish I had started with that lilac, and added some details on the dress, to tie it in.  Then I might have had enough for the diaper cover (which could have also had some lilac).

Anyway.  It's done.  Used up that entire ball.  Now, instead of having a ball of yarn in the stash, I have a baby dress in the "sale box" LOL! Anyone need a baby gift? :)

Yarn In:   2576gr
Yarn Out:52gr + 4347gr = 4399gr
Balance: 1823gr more USED than bought
Costs:  $125.91 /160 days = $0.79/day

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knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

An you say "OCD"? LOL. Very cute outfit.