Monday, July 13, 2015

New Photos

I took new photos of my stock of water bottle holders, so that they were a little more organized.  It's been hard, because I was making two styles (crocheted, and sewn) and at least two sizes.  This time I put the small, disposable bottle sized ones together, and the larger ones together.

I wasn't happy with the top photo though.  Perhaps the crocheted one on the right should be at the far left.  

These ones are tricky because I don't have enough water bottles in the right sizes.  The crocheted holders really need a water bottle to fill them out.  And neither picture show the insides of the reversible holders.

In other news, I think I finally came up with how to make the sewn straps adjustable, at an affordable price!  Snaps!  I was wondering around the local fabric store, looking for something like "buttonhole elastic" but not elastic.  I saw hook and eye tape, but boring colours!  Then I was in the drapery department, and saw a twill tape with small plastic rings sewn along it.  I thought, if I had something that could hook to...(but it was only white).  The assistant started talking to me, I explained what I was looking for, and she said there was nothing.  As I walked away, it hit me!  Snaps!  I could do one half on the holder, and then maybe 5 spaced along the lower half of the strap!  Bingo!  I even concluded that I could put a snap along the top edge to narrow in the larger holders.  Oh, and how about a loop with a snap to attach your key ring?  (Mine used to be on a carabiner clip, but not now).

So, I came home and started looking at snaps.  The fabric store sells the Babyville pliers, but I had heard, from my diaper sewing days, mixed reviews.  I've been fixing up some cloth diapers for my cousin's wife, and she mentioned that she had gotten snap pliers and was loving them.  She lives just a bit too far to be convenient, so I asked in a local FB WAHM craft group if anyone in my town had snap pliers and could show me the ins and outs so I'd know better what I want, and test it to see if they would hold the weight of the water bottles.  I got two responses, and knew (not well, but they weren't strangers!) them and they weren't far from me!  Yesterday, I went to one of their houses (oh, the lady that did the embroidery for the "Rude Robot" hat!) and she showed me how to do it, etc and let me borrow it.  She didn't have many snaps, and not the complete set in black, so I will probably go buy some more today, LOL, and then order my own snap pliers.

I'm really excited by this!  Snaps might be showing up everywhere!

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