Friday, July 03, 2015

Catching Up

I just wanted to get caught up with some yarn in totals.  For some twin cowboy hats I was asked to make, I bought one ball of Patons' Decor, and one ball of Vanna's Choice.  She liked the Decor, and I got started on the first hat.  Of course, it took just over half the ball, so I had to go back for another ball.  I meant to return the Vanna's Choice, but I forgot to take it.  I still have time to return it, but don't anticipate going there anytime soon.  So I guess I'll include it and just throw it in the bin.  It's a nice yarn, I have others in different colours...but I just don't care for this colour.  All together it's another 300gr of yarn in.  Boo!

Yarn In:   300gr + 2576gr = 2876gr
Yarn Out: 4399gr
Balance: 1523gr more USED than bought
Costs:  $13.64 + $125.91 + $139.55/184 days = $0.76/day

I've still used up more than I've bought!

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