Monday, July 27, 2015

Oh Bother!

My sister in law is a big Pooh fan.  She's been in the hospital for awhile, and my brother shared a photo of how she has a bunch of her favourite things on the window sill.  One is a Jean Greenhowe bear.  I know I made bears for her girls...but I don't remember if I made THAT bear.  I know her grandma, I think it was, also knit.  How do you ask "Did I make that bear?" without looking like an idiot?  LOL.

So, I decided I suddenly needed to make a Pocket Pooh Bear.  It started out quick, using Patons Lace in the off white, that I planned to dye.  I used the Jean Greenhowe pattern.  I'd done this before, with a different yarn, and got a tiny bear.  But not this time.  It was more "Purse Buddy" than "Pocket Buddy".  So I re-did the head and body, using half the stitches and half the rows, approximately.  It was going quick.  Then I took it to an outdoor concert and made a leg.  Then realized I made a full sized leg instead of half size.  Oops.  It was all going well, even got the dyeing done in good time...and then procrastination set in.  And I took my kids up to my parents for 5 days and barely got anything knit!
 I used a fine tip Sharpie for the eyebrows.  If I had looked at a picture sooner, I would have made smaller ears, and made sure his belly was fuller.

But he's done.  She's still in the hospital and I hope it gives her a smile!

His legs turned out a little big.  It was hard to get the shaping reduced down.  But he's cute in his big-pawed awkwardness :)

Yarn In:   2876gr
Yarn Out: 17gr + 4505gr= 4522gr
Balance: 1646gr more USED than bought
Costs:   $139.55/208 days = $0.67/day

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