Thursday, September 03, 2015

Three Little Mittens

I can't believe I didn't post about these mittens earlier!  What happened?  I was sure I posted about the first pair, but not the second pair.  I know I posted on my Facebook and/or Instagram page!  So none of this yarn is in my "Yarn Out" total?  Awesome.

I had this idea, back in the spring when business was slow, that I would start making mittens to have in stock.  I wanted a 100% Canadian wool, preferably machine washable.  I also wanted it to be worsted weight.  And affordable.  And available locally.  Well.  There aren't too many options for that!  I finally settled on Briggs & Little "Heritage", back in ....March.  This wool is great value.  The two skeins, 113gr each, cost me $13.45, and I got three pairs of mittens, ranging from large child to a large lady/small men.  I had just the swatch and a small ball left over.  I tested them in the machine, with a load of laundry on a gentle cycle, I think it was.  There didnt' seem to be any appreciable felting, though a hot wash/cold rinse might be another story.  Unfortunately, my gauge was something like 4.5st/in and the chart in Ann Budd's book of Handy Patterns only has full numbers.  I used 5.0mm needles (just for my own future reference).

I do hope to make more, in another colour and some smaller sizes, though I have to get more wool.  And, somehow, I suddenly got a huge influx of orders and inquiries, and I'm still working on those Christmas stockings!  Better get to work!

Yarn In:  3017gr
Yarn Out:  217gr + 4574gr = 4791gr
Balance:  1774gr more used UP than brought in
Costs:  $145.08 /246 days = $0.59/day

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