Thursday, November 10, 2016

Need to Catch Up

Last week kind of kicked my butt. Busy week, as usual, and the lack of sleep just really got to me. I'm getting back in the groove this week, but still feel about a week behind in life.

I checked out a new yarn "store" recently to pick up some Rowan Pure Wool Superwash Worsted for some Christmas stockings. Less than 15 minutes from me, out in the country fringes of this megatropolis I live in. Nice drive, nice little shop. She is selling the property though and doesn't know what will happen.

When I went to drop those red scarves on, I was also searching for superwash wool for two different Christmas stocking orders--although one hadn't given me the deposit yet, so I didn't want to go ahead with getting the yarn for it, but I wanted the same yarn (different colours) for both. The store I was at didn't have the base colour (white), and recommended the Knit Kabin. She also told me that Rowan was bought by Sirdar and they can't order any yarn from either company until the merger is complete and re-organized. I was hoping I was going to find the perfect yarn for these stockings, since the design work takes a bit of time, but the machine knitting is fast, so it'd be a great item to add to my regular product line. So, I'm still not sure what I'll do.

I picked up three balls of Ivory, 100gr each. Now I have to go back to the first store for the two other colours, possibly three, and then back out to the Knit Kabin (who is doing appointment only) for more white and possibly a fourth colour.  Plus, a run to Michael's for another ball of dark purple for another mermaid blanket in pink and purple. So much running around and design work, and not enough actual knitting time!!

Yarn In:   300gr + 6823gr = 7123gr
Yarn Out:  5902gr
Balance:  1221gr more BROUGHT IN than used
Costs:    $29.25 +$227.54= $256.79 /315 days = $0.82/day

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