Friday, April 14, 2017


In the past few years, we've gone to my aunt and uncle's to learn how to do pysanky--the Ukrainian Easter egg decorating tradition. It's interesting to see the kids' progression and interpretation each time. This year, we knew quite in advanced when we were going, and as I was digging through my fabric stash one day, it hit me.

I HAD to make a shirt with this awesome fabric I bought a long time ago. I think I bought it at Wal-Mart in Orangeville, so that would have been probably before 2008. I really started sewing after Megan was born, Nov 2005--though I didn't sew much right then, I started becoming a sewer then. I loved how this fabric was somewhat abstract, sort of cheeky and humourous, and also "nice". A velvet with gold glitter. But I never knew what to make. I didn't want to end up with a Matryoshka face on my butt :)

I used the same pattern as the previous shirt (incorporating some fitting changes), New Look 6143. I think the armholes ended up a smidge too small this time, and there are horizontal wrinkles just below the armhole, which looks like too much length?

I purposely placed the centre dolls upside down. The ones on the back are right side up. I didn't want a doll face on my boob. And it makes you look twice to actually notice the dolls.
I tried to do a lettuce hem but it wasn't working too well. It seemed to curl under.
 The dividing band on the egg, with my initials and date.  I tried to really get detail this time. The dots are two colours, the spikes alternate colours, etc.
 Free form is hard for me. I like symmetry, but I also find it difficult to get the precision I require to soothe my OCD.

The main side of the egg was inspired by my shirt! My aunt has learned about washing and rubbing the egg after dyeing to get more vibrant colours and closer shading. After dyeing the face colour, she rubbed it off the face, and I covered the entire face except the green eyes, red lips and cheek spots with the wax. I did realize after that while I got the white dot in the iris, the green iris, and the whites of the eyes, I forgot to do the pupil! I was going to sharpie it in after before I took the photo but forgot. I also seemed to have forgotten that the black is in the middle of the eye, not around the green LOL. And I think I forgot eyebrows? LOL.

I'm planning to post all the process pictures of the eggs on my Instagram page, since the photos are on my phone.

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