Tuesday, April 18, 2017


My youngest is a budding vlogger/YouTuber. She has trouble though setting up the iPad to record, or the camera, or her iPod. She also likes to sit at her desk and watch videos  and make up tutorials. So I thought she might like a little pillow stand.

I used this tutorial . It seemed to work fine.  I used plastic pellets I got from Weighted For You, for the ramp bumper and the lower half of the pyramid. The top half is stuffing, which is easier when you're trying to hand stitch the opening closed. Not sure if the pellets are beneficial, but they do provide a nice weight to it.

 The slope is quite fine for using on the kitchen counter when cooking, on the arm of the couch or at the table when eating, but my daughter finds it a little too sloped for at her desk, and absolutely no good for filming. It's a combination of the slope of the pyramid and the length of the "ramp".

 And it was totally no good for the iPad Mini in it's Lifecase.

Making the ramp adjustable would be good. I saw a tip about putting a pencil into the slots made by the top stitching, but they weren't wide enough for any of my pencils. A knitting needle might work.  Having the ramp be shorter would also help. I've been thinking about the geometry of making the slope less. Each triangle would then not be the same shape. Good thing my husband is a mechanical engineer!

I would definitely make more of these. It's pretty quick, fairly small material investment. You could add to the time but reduce cost by doing patchwork.

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