Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Brown Swirl Top

Not to be confused with the Brown Floral Top! Despite needing grey pants, and having lots of grey prints on hand to make tops once I get the grey pants fabric, I went ahead and sewed up a lot of brown print tops. Now I barely have anything to go with the first pair of blue pants I made LOL.

This was an awful fabric to work with. It sort of feels like cheap nylon underwear. It's not quite bathing suit fabric, but it's weird. Pins wouldn't go in. My rotary cutter wouldn't cut it. The scissors had a hard time. It caught on any rough spot on my fingers. It was a bit static-y. I wasn't a huge piece and in the end, I was glad because I don't think I would want to sew with it again. I had picked it up at Value Village probably.

 It wasn't a border print, but I placed the pieces to treat it as such! I actually would have preferred the band that was under the large band, to be around my actual waist, but there wasn't enough length.
 There's that's lower back pooling. Must tweak the pattern to get rid of that. Should be easy since there's a back seam? I did not worry about matching the actual pattern at the seam due to the busyness of the pattern and the lack of fabric. I just matched up the areas of the pattern.
And there's my exaggerated model pose, trying to make the S shape with my body LOL!

This fabric also looks really good with the next pair of pants I made, in a beige/cream colour. Starting to work towards a bit of a capsule wardrobe. Though if I have four pairs of pants (brown, blue, grey and beige), I don't see how my tops would work with every colour unless I stick with white. Or turquoise. I don't really even like black tops with blue pants.

This was another New Look 6735. I'm not sure if I raised the neck on this one. If I remember (I haven't worn it much), the neckband turned out really good. I think I was starting to get the idea of how much to stretch it. I made 3/4 sleeves because of fabric amount and because I wanted a long sleeve top but in reality, I knew I'd just push the sleeves up.

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