Tuesday, July 04, 2017

I Like It

I have a love-hate relationship with purses. Some days, I just don't want to be seen as the type of woman that must carry a purse. But I have my water, my phone, my keys, my wallet (on a crossbody strap), my knitting, my camera...I abhor the crazy prices for new purses so sometimes will pick one up at Value Village.  But they're never perfect. I've enjoyed sewing the few bags and backpacks that I've done, so I thought it was time for a real purse.

Colour. Always a concern. Do you go neutral and boring, or bright and statement? My stash had the answer. There wasn't much neutral and boring suitable for a purse. I ended up going mainly by whatever I had that was purse suitable and co-ordinated. I'm not a fan of quilting cottons for a purse.

This was my initial collection from my stash. I loved many of the fabrics, though a few got immediately culled due to size.  I narrowed it down to outside, inside, and pockets. Love playing with fun inside pockets!

 I decided this time, since I was making a "real" purse, I would splurge on some hardware---I can get a small selection of Emmaline Bags hardware locally! And by locally, I really do mean just down the street, not all the way across our big town (which is really a city, 125 000 people, but the people in charge have never gone for city status). I was looking for more of a shiny brass, but this is okay too.

 I measured the pocket for my phone, but then learned that if I keep it in the little zippered pouch, it doesn't fit in the pocket. If it's in the case, then the non-slipperyness of the case makes it hard to slide in and out.
That little pocket should fit the sunglass clip ons coming with my new glasses!
 Real harware! Though so often I don't bother actually doing it up.
 Fun inside pocket. I knew the pink zipper didn't quite match, but I loved that it was vintage and metal and had this cute butterfly. But then a tooth broke off on the first day!

The end result. I love it. The kids hate it. LOL. I don't care. However, although I held my waterbottle up to the pattern, it doesn't really fit in, if I have anything else. And once I get my wallet in, there's not much room for my knitting. And if I'm not taking my knitting, then I can just put my wallet on my body and my phone has a wrist strap that I can clip my keys too.  So, it's still not the perfect purse, and I will keep trying different patterns!
One disappointing thing. I put that "Handmade" badge on, but it's too low and can't really be seen.

Pattern: Phoebe Bag

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