Thursday, July 06, 2017

Brown Floral Shirt

Boring title, but exciting shirt! After a few of the New Look 6735, I wanted to branch out. Something still easy to make and wear, but not so "t-shirt" looking. Enter New Look 6807. I made one using the blue sheet I used for Megan's t-shirt, but somehow don't have pictures of that one. I love it. Actually, I do have one picture but I hope to get more. And it seems I have only one picture of this one. I really need to do a proper photo shoot.

I opted for View A (again). I already have a couple woven shirts like view B and C. I like the large flowy sleeves for summer. In reading the Pattern Review reviews, some of them looked too flowy, and some looked too stiff. My fabric did have great drape so I was optimistic.  I also read so many reviews that said there was way too much ease in this shirt and they took out the gathers. Then why use this pattern? The point of it is the gathers and the looseness. Others said they didn't understand why there's a back seam and neck tie and eliminated those. They're part of the styling too!  These little features were why I was choosing it, so it wasn't just a plain t shirt. My fabric was a scrap picked up at Value Village for $2.99. Can't beat that!

Yeah, that photo doesn't really show everything. I raised the neckline by half an inch. I widened the neck binding a tad but still sewed it on with a 3/8" seam allowance, so when I got to the ends that make the tie, I had to play a bit so the tie would be evenly folded (it's just like doing bias binding around the neck, and then the tie ends are just folded in half and topstitched closed). I didn't realize the mathematics of binding. I did a tiny rolled hem for the bottom and sleeves since the fabric is so light I didn't want to weigh it down with folded hems. The overall length is a bit too long now, but oh well.

My biggest complaint is that the fabric is looking worn now. It's gotten a sort of fuzz to it, the fuzz is lighter so the shirt looks faded. I washed it in cold water. I'll still wear it. It just doesn't have that "just bought" look. I wish it was more summery looking. The design is, but the colours aren't.

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