Thursday, January 03, 2019

Blanketed in Blankets

Two more blankets for Crochet Blankets for Seniors are done. The first one was to use up the Pipsqueak that was in the donated yarn. I made the first blanket, but didn't have enough for the second one. So I found a fuzzy white yarn that was nearly a full ball and added it as well as the rest of the soft white I bought earlier this fall. I ran out of the fuzzy white....and have some Pipsqueak left now LOL.  It's stockinette with a garter stitch border all around. I did one row of the Pipsqueak and one row of the fuzzy, and they were separated by either one or two rows of the white. I just kept that random. Sometimes this meant slipping the stitches back to the start of the needle and doing two rows from the same side. You just have to keep an eye on the garter stitch side borders to make sure those stay in garter stitch, because sometimes you'll have to purl those when doing it this way. Luckily, with all the texture, you can't see when I goofed LOL.

 The Pipsqueak tended to look very ...block like. There's white, light green and dark green and the segments are small. So with only one row, there's no blending. 203gr
The other blanket is a multi yarn fiesta. A garter stitch rectangle on the bias. Lots and lots of different yarns. I actually had to stop weaving in ends because my wrist was getting inflamed. So I didn't take it with me when I went away for New Year's, and finished the ends when I got home. However, the knitting was done before New Year's, so I'm counting it for this year!

I did a  crochet border all the way around. This gives a bit more space to weave those ends in. When you only do one or two rows, there tends to be a lot of ends in close proximity. 363gr

Yarn In:  1501gr
Yarn Out: 203gr + 363gr + 3476gr =4 042gr
Balance: 2541gr out
Costs:  $41.39/365 days = $0.11 per day.

For a comparison of the previous six years, take a look at this post

Seven Year Totals:
Yarn In: 72 480gr
Yarn Out: 71 189gr
Balance:  1291gr IN
Costs: $2 460.89

With this year being SO low in all categories, I don't think doing seven year averages is meaningful. I think comparing this year to the past six year averages is more interesting. I still have a surplus of yarn in, even though the past three years have all had more yarn out than in (one year by only 37gr though LOL). Ohhhh did I include that last stocking I made? Mmmm.  This might all need to be recalculated.....Off to search....

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