Monday, December 18, 2006

Something Finished!

They look a little rough around the edges, LOL, but a few wearings/washings and they'll be fine. Made from Patons Decor, from my stash :) Actually, I ripped out a hat I made last winter--a copy of the Star hat that Grumperina made, except that I added short rows so that it would cover my ears and some of my back neck. But the open design and the looseness of the gauge, not to mention how stupid I looked in's time had come to be re-incarnated. If I had known I was buying that yarn a couple weeks ago on the Thursday night, I would have waited to make these--now I have gloves and no hat, and a hat with no gloves, and a pair of mittens in another yarn that does have another version of the Star hat to match but I still look dorky in that version. Oh well, they all match my coat, so I guess that's all that matters.

I don't know how well it shows up, but I used a cast on called 'alternate cable cast on' which is really good for ribbing if you don't want to do a tubular cast on. The pattern for these gloves is my own creation! I made a pair, by request, for Rob a couple winters ago, and he really likes them. I made my fingers long though so I could scrunch them back or pull them forward, almost covering my fingers. They work up quick, the only issue is weaving in all the ends--two for each finger!

I notice that I don't post many pictures of Huey. He doesn't dump out the Cheerios anymore, or climb into the cupboard, or eat green paint. But he's still darn cute! Here's the evolution of his new front teeth.

This is Huey back in July probably. I didn't realize that when we downloaded the pictures, it didn't imprint the date it was taken. Well, it says it did, but every picture gives the date it was downloaded, not taken. Now I know to check the display on the camera and add it to the photo description before deleting it from the camera.

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smariek said...

If you right-click on the filename and choose "properties", a window should pop up showing you "creation" date, "modified" date, and "accessed" date. I believe the "modified" date is the date you took the picture, and the "created" date is the date you saved it as a file on your computer. (cuz that's what I see for a jpg file I have which was taken on 10/2/06 and saved on 11/25/06).

Another thing... in that same window, there is a "summary" tab (to the right of the "general" tab), which may show you more info about the photo than you ever wanted to know (pixels, resolution, camera model, shutter speed, lens aperture, etc) including "Date Picture Taken" near the bottom of the list.