Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Timeless Tuesday

I'm backtracking alittle today. It was supposed to be my first socks, but they're upstairs and Megan wasn't asleep yet...but she's even more wide awake now! But I'll do the socks next week.

This is a picture of my Grandma and me. I was about 10, and the green yarn she's holding looks a lot like the one in my first swatch. I see that she doesn't have the yarn wrapped around her fingers at all. I hold mine in an unusual way, and I've seen it in books only twice I think. But I'm fairly fast, efficient for holding it with my right hand, LOL.
This is a little closeup of the first swatch. There's some funky things happening. Maybe this is why I've never liked garter stitch? LOL. Half the swatch (vertically) is okay, but the other half of it is terrible!
This is the first swatch. Very interesting shaping.
Notice how the last few sts were cast off with a different green yarn? LOL. That's not the only time I've had to do that. But what's really odd, is years later I found a tiny dark green ball of yarn, like the main colour, in my stash. It was wound up, and wrapped with electrical tape :) All growing up I heard so often "who took my electrical tape?" Surely it wasn't I that actually wrapped it with electrical tape?!

Megan has been up since 6:15 with only an hour nap. It's 1:23. In just over an hour we'll be bundling up to go get the kids. She'll probably sleep on the way, but that's only 20 minutes. Is it any wonder she's so cranky during dinner?!
Off to Elann.com to buy some Mister Joe (not Uncle Joe like I wrote last week). I'm no big spender like Marie, but I can't pass this one up!
Oh, speaking of Marie, LOL. For the mitts, I have an old Patons basic 2 needle mitten pattern for the whole family that I modified to do in the round, and I base all my mitts on that. Or swatch and work out the gauge and the math :)
And Z...I don't know if I'll be coming on Thursday night :( I need to make myself a new, WARM, ear covering hat, and I thought a felted one might be nice....and of course, I'll need to buy some yarn for it :) I'm not up to taking any of the kids to that store during the day, so Thursday night it is.
Megan is on a kitchen chair, about to climb onto the table again!

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