Friday, December 08, 2006

Yarn Sticker Shock

Last night....some yarn followed me home!

I used the 'best for web' setting when saving that picture, but it looks a little blurry to me. The 3 skeins of blue at the top left is Marupe, for felted clogs for a gift game. Yeah, this year. Next weekend to be exact. The sock yarn at the top right is "Super Trekking" I thought Huey might like some socks and these remind me of tiger colours. The bright pink balls...uh, for me? The Burgundy and grey balls are for a new hat for me. Cause I want warm ears, even if I look like a dork. I might as well embrace it. I was a little shocked at the total bill. At home, I was thinking maybe there was an error. But no! I actually paid $9 x 2 for my hat yarn! If I had realized, I probably would have just gone for the plummy colour. And perhaps left the sock yarn for later...I won't start those till after Christmas.


CatBookMom said...

Kidlet is adorable, but it must be scary at this point, knowing she's learned to climb! Somewhere I read 'we spend lots of time teaching our kids to walk and talk, and then we just want them to sit down and shut up.'

I don't know how you manage all you do. It's amazing.

smariek said...

Oh my, she can climb onto the table?! Scary. My little one can climb onto the sofa, and even stands up on it, but she hasn't quite gotten onto tables yet.

I hope you feel better today...