Wednesday, May 06, 2015

I Forgot?

Apparently I forgot to write about Mochaccino!  This little fellow was knitted up for my youngest daughter, for Easter.  She did ask for  a Pocket Bunny in the tan and white with sequins, but I really want to be saving that yarn LOL.  I opted for something totally different.  One strand of sock yarn and one strand of a boucle mohair with spandex, I think.

Years ago I had ordered a small amount of this fancy yarn, in two different shades of brown, from  I remember that at the time, I did have plans for it, but I think it ended up being thinner than I thought it would be.  It's nice for this bunny, but not quite as fluffy looking as it is in the ball.

The details are hard to see on the dark bunny.  I should probably have done a darker nose too.

 A simple scarf..I had a few left over from when I made some but forgot and made more, for a previous order.

I did the ears differently this time.  Because they don't have the patch on the inside, of a different colour, I realized I didn't need to knit them two layers (I knit them in the round, but don't stuff).  I did them in garter stitch.  I quite liked them, but of course...Megan asked why they were different!  I also had trouble getting the lower belly shaping right.  I just can't decide between increases or short rows.

This guy has his own video too, a bit of a trial to see what I could do for the background that wasn't music:
You can see all my videos on my YouTube channel :)
Yarn In:  1776gr
Yarn Out: 32gr + 3559gr = 3589gr
Balance: 1813gr more USED than bought
Costs:  $97.58 /126 days = $0.77/day

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