Friday, August 07, 2015

Quick Sewing

I wanted a headband in a colour I actually wear.  And that actually fit me.  Megan had a pair of yoga pants with a colourful waistband.  The pants had an unfixable hole, but I kept them around because I knew the waistband was worth it.  It didn't take too long to unpick it from the waist seam, and bonus--a length of clear elastic came with it.
 I worked with what I had, for the width.
 I'm not a selfie person.
 I tried to just serge the long edges of the band part, but it still rolled.  So I hemmed it.
 Super duper heat wave.  This thermometer is in the shade.
For the band, I didn't do the stitching close to the edges, but did do two lines down the middle, to create two casings. does some funky things on the head.  So, having the edge stitching helps the back band stay flat.

This one is quite wearable...though I haven't worn purple since.

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