Monday, March 21, 2016


When it was time to pass on baby items, my husband wanted everything gone.  I'm a little more sentimental and kept a few things, though I wish I had kept more.  Or at least made sure to get better pictures.  You always think "I'll take a picture next time" but that doesn't always happen.

I'm still not knitting/crocheting much so here's a little pre-blog flashback of my oldest and some hats I had made for him.

My aunt had started to knit a little dino sweater and hat set for her son, but she wasn't a knitter and he was long past the size so she gave it to me.  I gave the sweater away as a raffle prize when I did my first craft sale (each booth had to donate an item for a raffle), and I knit the hat for Hugh.  I was still pretty new to hat knitting, and I don't know if it was a design issue or a size issue, but it did nothing to keep his ears warm.  He wore it though because he loved dinosaurs.  I knit several other hats using this same shape.  I don't know what happened to this hat.  Probably gave it away with the coat.  I still have the pattern.  It's "Dinos and Daisies" from Patons' "Dinosaur Days" booklet 695, copyrigght 1993.

Another hat I made for him I loved SO much.  It's a vintage pattern, from Patons' Book 98, "Family Headwear and Scarves by Beehive".  There are some classics in this book.  The book was reprinted in 2001 using more "modern" yarns (I don't ever recall seeing Patons Canadiana Superwash Wool!), and one size instead of the DK yarn and three sizes that are in the original book (date unknown).  I think there must have been a printing in between the original and the 2001 booklet, because the models do NOT look like 2001! LOL.

The hat is called the "Ali Baba" and I challenge you to not smile!

 It's a little small on my adult wig  head but too big on my 6month baby head.

This was a great hat for keeping the ears warm!  Here he is, playing in the dog's frozen outside water dish.  The hat of course can not keep fingers warm LOL!  It was a verigated yarn and quite fun to see it work up in stripes!

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