Thursday, March 17, 2016


I posted on my FB and Instagram pages about my wrist injury.  Yes.  It's happened.  I spent so much time mending (mainly duplicate stitching large areas) my handknit socks that I have ended up with a repetitve motion injury in my right wrist.  Even more technical, it appears to be a "ganglion".  Often, those aren't painful, but this one is.

It sucks.

I've tried anti-imflamatory drops, like Voltaren, but stronger.  Can't say if they helped.  Tried naproxen, not sure if it helped or if I just finally fell asleep.  I can't use much anti-imflamatories so only when I'm desparate.  My youngest wrapped it up in a tensor bandage so I couldn't twist, and that did help, but is SO impractical since I'm right handed.  I've cut down on knitting and crocheting.  I don't mind that, but it's the simple, daily things that make it hurt--lifting my water bottle, pulling up my blankets, steering into parking spaces, etc.

It's unlikely I can see my doctor until Monday/Tuesday (she used to be in a walk in clinic on the weekends, but not lately).  Who knows what will happen then.  This week is "March Break" which means no work for me (kindie lunch supervisor), but I'm not looking forward to next week--opening Thermoses, zipping zippers, etc.  I'm quite annoyed with myself!

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