Sunday, October 02, 2016


Megan was invited to her skating friend's birthday party, at Canada's Wonderland.  This girl is obsessed with elephants.  I found an elephant zipper pull when I was buying that last lot of yarn, but I also wanted to knit her an elephant!  I'd made one before, for my other daughter.

A trip through my personal yarn store and I couldn't find anything suitable in her favourite colours, blue and green.  I wanted to do striping, but all my greens were ugly moss greens. I did have one ball of Bernat "Mosaic" in the perfect's discontinued and I love it and it's an unspun acrylic so not all that durable.  But perfect colours. Sigh.  I went ahead.  I did have a few issues with the yarn pulling apart but I think it will be okay. 

 I didn't like the ear pattern, so I created my own.  Crocheted.

I almost forgot her tail!! I ran out of poly pellets, so I used aquarium gravel in the feet and the poly pellets in the trunk and belly. Not much else to say except when they came home from the park, she came up to the door with Megan, cradling "Ellie" in her sweater and a big grin on her face :)  I didn't weigh it before I stuffed it, but I weighed the left over yarn and it appears the Ellie used a whopping 52gr.  Not nearly enough to offset the wool I bought this past week!!

Yarn In: 3375gr
Yarn Out: 52gr + 4914gr = 4966gr
Balance:  1591gr more USED than bought
Costs:    $135.73/276 days = $0.49/day

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