Friday, October 21, 2016

Yarn Confessions

I came to my blog today to write a little post and try to get updated on some of the yarn I've bought recently.  I ended up totally changing the look of the blog! I've had the exact same look since I started the blog (Aug 2006). I'm not totally happy with the new look.  Some of the design process is stupidly confusing, using different pages for different aspects. I couldn't get the header photo to be the right size. I can't move where my title and subtitle are to make them easier to read. Some links at the side are in pink. I don't like how the grey overlay comes close to where the background image is "seamed".  If I were designing it, I'd have them line up. I did find that the width of my post area was set rather small, which is why when I tried to insert XL size photos, they would get cut off on the right. 
Anyway.  How does it look? Easy to read?

First update on incoming yarn.  In a FB group for home craft businesses, a woman posted that she had a bunch of wool to sell.  WOOL! Of course I couldn't pass it up. She posted one of the labels, which was the same as some I had picked up from Value Village before...I forget right now, but it's from PEI, I think. I offered to buy all her partial balls, for $45.  Included was 172gr of Classic Wool. The rest of the wool came to.... 1728gr (total, 1900gr). Wowzer! I've already made three pairs of itty mittens for the kindergarten kids! But I have tipped over to the "more brought in than used". I do have some Christmas stockings to weight, BUT  I still have to buy more for some more Christmas stockings!!

Yarn In: 1900gr + 4623gr= 6523gr
Yarn Out:  4966gr
Balance:  1557gr more BROUGHT IN than used
Costs:    $175.79 + $45 = $220.79 /295 days = $0.75/day

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