Wednesday, January 18, 2017


How can you NOT be happy with this bright green cowl, with a green glitter strand?!

I was on a roll between New Years and the return to school. My bulky knitting machine, the Singer SK155 was behaving and I was determined to crank out a few things. I had gone into my storage area for something else, and this bright green yarn jumped at me and insisted on being used. I totally hadn't planned on it. I ended up making three scarves on the knitting machine, but I'm not sure now which came first.

Which one of the tuck rib ones I did first, I did have to do some playing around. I think I did a red one first and I'll show it soon.  In the end, I think I chose the same set up I used here.  And in reading that, I see the pattern was in the ribber manual. Life would have been easier if I had remembered any of this (that I had used it previously and that, even better, it was in the manual).  This time, I was putting the needles into/out of hold position by yeah.  Maybe I should read my own blog?

 I know, this picture shows the hat more than the scarf. It ended up rather short, so it's a single loop.I made sure it would be wider to compensate for the shorter length.  Lots of steam to get it flat and I hope it stays that way.
I just scrolled back in my blog. I'm saddened to see some of the yarns I got rid of (many I gave away, some I sold). I wrote I was thrilled to give away a large ball of "Impeccable" in bright Christmas green. Well, wouldn't you know I used that same colour several times last year for Christmas stockings? This is why I hate getting rid of yarn. You just never know when the perfect project will come along. This green yarn--I bought it in April 2013. Which isn't really all that long ago. But it's still neat to  see how long it had to marinate before being used.

Yarn In:  120gr
Yarn Out: 62gr + 90gr = 152gr
Balance: 32gr more USED than in
Costs: $7.91/18 days = $0.44 per day

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