Friday, July 21, 2017

Blue Shirt

Another fancy title.

This shirt was from awhile ago now.  April? It was my first run at New Look 6807. I read a lot of reviews, and many people questioned why there was so much ease for a knit shirt. Style? Maybe? It was styled to be loose. Others complained about doing a seam on the back, and the little opening. Uh, again, that was a design feature!!

I did take out a little bit of ease in the front and back.

 Other people didn't like how skinny the neck binding is and widened it. I did too, but I still sewed it on with a 3/8" seam allowance, which mean a bit of fudging when I got to the back opening. Plus, I didn't really know how much shorter to make the band, after taking out some of the body ease. I couldn't figure out the dots and notches either. So, I eyeballed it and centered it so the ties would be however long they would be. It is a bit droopy in the lower back.
 There's a bit of weirdness with inside the neck band. The SA flips up, even though it's been pressed.
I liked the big floaty sleeves. Sleeves that are too snug make me sweat and then get stained. These are nice and floppy.
The fabric was an old jersey bedsheet. Actually, I don't think it was all that old, LOL.
I made this twice more. Once has already been blogged. Another one is pure white and it's a "wear and wash" shirt so it's been hard to get pictures LOL.
I really love this shirt, especially after raising the neckline.

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