Monday, November 02, 2015


A simple wolf hoodie, in size 2-4

As usual, I wasn't working with the suggested yarn, and my gauge was different and my math was ...well...creative but wrong, so it took longer than it should have.  Not much else to say about it.  Used just under one ball of Loop & Thread "Charisma" and have one ball left (and no receipt to return it!).  The white and black were from my stash.  In total, it weighs 138 grams.

This is an adult wig head, so the hoodie is a little snug.

Yarn In: 3975gr
Yarn Out: 138gr + 5735gr = 
Balance:  1760gr more used UP than brought in
Costs:  $ 204.82 /306 days = $0.67/day

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