Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Ugly Mitts

Not all of the mitts I make are gorgeous! I made another pair of the Newfie mitts for the kindergarten kids, and I was determined to make them bigger. It went well, but as often happens, I got impatient with the ribbing and started the hand. Once I was done, I really felt it needed to be a longer ribbing. I just picked up all the purl bumps from the cast on and then increased into these. Or something. It was too tight to pick up each stitch on the cast on edge anyway. Sure, it shows. But not one kid has said to me that it's a problem.
For the thumb gusset, this time I did short rows starting with one stitch in the middle of the outer side of the thumb, working short rows with one more stitch until I had all the front stitches in work, then worked all the way around the thumb, increasing one in the corners. As far as I can tell, they fit much better.

These are 100% wool and did not use up as much grey as I was hoping. Oh well.

I did buy two balls of cheap yarn at Dollar Tree for a project. $2.82 for 100gr. Yeah. Wait till you see what I made.

Yarn In: 100gr + 1542gr =1642gr
Yarn Out: 57gr + 1448gr= 1505gr
Balance: 137gr more bought than used
Costs:  $2.82 +$37.91= $40.73/88 days = $0.46per day

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