Saturday, February 22, 2020

Donation! And Confession!

I saw a post on Freecycle, for a family looking for yarn for a project. I emailed, and the woman said, any amount, any type. For a weaving project. Okay! Downstairs I went to clean out some yarn. I had recently been going through my bins and saw a lot of very small amounts of yarns I knew I couldn't use in the charity blankets, as well as some other yarns that I didn't think I'd ever use.

Two kitchen garbage bags, a total of 2,441gr of yarn! Yay!

But wait! I also bought yarn this week, for the charity blankets! LOL.
A couple of huge balls of Red Heart "Comfort" (2x454gr=908gr) and one ball Bernat "Premium" (198gr).

Yarn In:  1106gr + 2238gr= 3344gr
Yarn Out:  2441gr + 1496gr = 3937gr
Balance:  593gr more OUT than in!
Costs: $27.02 + $15.33=$42.35/ 53 days = $0.80/day

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