Thursday, March 26, 2020

New Baggy for New Phone

The last "phone bag" I made was at it's end of life.  It's older than I thought! It was extremely useful, so I wanted an updated one.  I searched and searched but could not find exactly what I wanted: hidden seams, zipper near top but not at the top, and vinyl sandwiched between the layers. I finally just got at it and followed a pattern the best I could, and opted for top stitching the vinyl down after construction.
Something funky happened along one seam I think I didn't have enough fabric between the window and the seam.  When I sewed the vinyl, it feed through fine, but my stitches were a bit loose. Not sure why.

In the end, it's all fine. My kids hate it. They hate the purse I made from this fabric too. I'm going to make a wallet soon; maybe I should use that fabric? LOL

At first, It felt like it was bigger than my old one. I think it's because I used canvas and a heavier vinyl. I can still use the touch screen through the vinyl. This was great on the cruise; it's wonderful in the summer when you go for a walk and don't have pockets. It's not waterproof but I'm sure the old one helped my phone a few times LOL. 

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