Thursday, October 01, 2015

Yarn In Update

I made a yarn shopping trip earlier in September, after receiving a sudden flurry of inquiries and orders.  And, I decided that  the pink I had bought for the Christmas stockings was too pale.  I hate writing Yarn In  posts.  The calculator.  The honesty.  The reality of a growing stash....

Two balls   Loops & Thread "Charisma" for a wolf hoodie.  Total, 200g
One ball Bernat "Super Value" pink for the stockings 197gr (needed only a small amount, like maybe 40gr!)
One ball Woolspun in grey for slippers, 100gr
One ball turquoise  LionBrand "Homespun" for the slippers (170gr)
One ball Red Heart Soft in green for the stocking, as a back up, 141gr

Total yarn in:  808gr.  Ugh!  LOL.  I much prefer when I can use up my stash.
I can't find the itemized receipt, buy the other little receipt says $42.87

Yarn In: 808gr + 3017gr = 3825gr
Yarn Out:  4891gr
Balance:  1066gr more used UP than brought in
Costs:  $42.87 + $145.08 = $187.95 /274 days = $0.69/day

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