Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Hey! It's Winter!

One thing knitters struggle with is being prepared for the changing seasons.  We have good intentions:  "I'm going to knit my new winter set in July!  Yay me!".  But we all know how it turns out.  The temperatures suddenly plummet and our numb fingers remind us that our July was spent knitting dishcloths.

We've had a really warm December, here in Southern Ontario.  Really warm.  Like, we just need a sweater outside.  Until Sunday, Jan 3, 2016.  Hello, new year!

I thought knitting the fingerless gloves was maybe going to keep the mercury on the plus side.  They seemed like great gifts when it was 5C/41F out there.  Now, it's more like -15C/5F and fingerless gloves seem like a joke.  The nice thing about them though, is they can be layered over thin gloves!

Someone, somewhere, posted about Diana Sullivan's Fingerless Gloves video again.  Again, they were something I had wanted to knit since the video was released.  I decided this was the year.  Well, technically, last year was the year, but does a flip of a number really matter?  And hey, I have "lots" of Kroy Sock yarn!

 I actually had some real Kroy "Socks", not the old 3ply and 4ply Kroy, so I thought I'd start with it, and follow the video exactly.  You know how hard that is for me, right?

First big issue came with changing from 1x1 rib to Fisherman's Rib.  Diana has a Brother, so I looked in my Singer manual, and it does the FR on the mainbed.  I googled, and I went through all my Knitwords magazines cause I knew there were FR patterns.  I found an article where MAO says yes, this is how the manuals tell you to set it up, but it can be done in reverse.  I don't know how though, there appears to be no way to tuck with the Singer ribber bed carriage.  So, I just followed the manual.  This meant that my end needles, carefully set up to be on the MB like Diana said to do, were now tucking (instead of knitting, like in her video).

I finished the first one, and took it off the machine.  I know rib is stretchy, but this was small!  What went wrong?  I made sure to change tension where needed.  I double checked the needle count.  I consulted with my MK mentor. I wasn't happy with the feel of the knitting either.  It was too crispy.  Some of that is because it was unwashed, but there was just something the yarn was trying to tell me.  I concluded that I had mysteriously done something wrong and should try again.

And got the same result.

Now, I know the definition of an idiot is someone who repeatedly does the same thing, expecting to get a different result.  Time to change it up.

I upped the tension to T6.  I shortened the cuff to 35 rows as it had seemed a little long even in the smaller version and I felt the larger tension would allow a bit of length anyway.   I set it up with the same needle set up--end needles on mainbed.  I did 40 rows of FB, hoping the larger gauge would mean they'd have longer hands.  I did the thumbs as written.

As with just about everything I make with self striping yarns, the second one ended up being too close too the first...but not close enough to make them identical.  I'd rather have had them be wildly different (but obviously the same yarn), then "almost close".

Sewing up was not as easy as Diana said they'd be.  I think because the end stitches were tucked.

They are still on the smaller side--but very stretchy.  This yarn really preferred T6.  I probably could have gone up a dot (or two even).  And people think I'm weird when I say yarn talks.

These gloves weighed 46gr, which I included in the previous post with all the totals.  There is a tiny bit of yarn left.  I would much prefer to have NO yarn left, and make these a smidge bigger.  However, technically I don't have "no" yarn left, since there's a couple more balls in the cubbies :)

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