Thursday, March 10, 2016

Yes, There's More!

The mitten knitting continues!  Even though it's now above freezing, I'm still working on mittens.  When you're out playing for 30 minutes, 7C becomes pretty chilly, especially if you fall, or play in the water.  The kindie yard is on the north side of the school, and we've just started getting a sliver of sun back.  We have poor drainage so there are a lot of puddles.  And with 80 kids running around, there are often falls.  Many kids are not bringing mittens to school now, so it's nice having the spare mitten box.  Plus, some of the mittens have disappeared already!  At lunch, I try to keep track, and remind them to throw them back in the box, but what happens is some kids get a pair at morning recess when I'm not there.  They don't put them on at lunch, or keep them in their pockets, and they end up going home.  And it's not like mittens will spoil over the summer. 

This is the first pair I made from the Briggs & Little kit I bought from Grand River Yarns.  This is not the softest wool to knit with and I worried that the kids might think they're too rough, so I washed them.  Just put them in a mesh bag, in with a warm load, and then into the dryer.  They fluffed up and feel much better, though this isn't merino!  I still used 4mm needles, but increased stitches to 32 and the thumb went to 13 sts, I think.  Which is too big. 
Immediately one boy fell in love with these.  He now ditches his big "waterproof" ski style gloves and grabs these from the box.  Makes a knitter's heart swell :)

Yarn In: 1586gr
Yarn Out: 35gr + 3558gr = 3593gr
Balance:  2007gr more USED than bought
Costs:   $74.87/70days = $1.07/day

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